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Scaling up Carer Support

Areas Bridgit has already supported carers across the UK

Are you a council looking to scale up the support you provide to your carers?  Bridgit can help

Bridgit Care are a Social Enterprise supported by local and national government and here to help unpaid carers across the UK. 

We partner with carer charities and councils to improve the support.  

Our objective is to support carers, carer support teams and improve 


“Our teams in councils do everything they can to support carers, but with stretched budgets, it’s hard to support everyone to the level we’d wish.  Bridgit Care gives us an option to increase the number of carers we can support and ”  

Comprehensive Carer Support

Bridgit Self-help

Access instant & personalised support
We know that being a carer for another person can be difficult and you can’t always find the time to access the support and information you need to help you. With so much information available it can be hard to know where to start.
That’s why we have developed a unique tool that helps you access information tailored to carers needs, whenever you need it and whenever you are able to access it.

Ask Bridgit

Chat with your virtual carer coach
Ask Bridgit finds out from you what you are finding difficult, what areas you need support with and then based on your responses it creates a support plan with suggestions and tips local and relevant to you.  You can ask Bridgit anything.
All you need is WhatsApp and 5 minutes to share some information about your role as a carer and access support local to you.

What Carers Say

“So far I’ve learned about so much out there I had no idea about. Absolutely invaluable. Thank you so much.”

Carer for mum And sister

“The self help tool brings  everything I need into one place, and if I need extra help I know where to get it. ”

Carer FOr MOther-IN-LaW

“The support has helped me find local support and events for me and my son.  The email reminders have been good and helped me think about things.”

Parent carer

Councils and Carer Charities

Are you a Council, NHS Provider, or Charity looking for innovative ways to support your carers?

Bridgit work with Councils, the NHS and Carer Charities across the UK, to help identify carers and scale the support provided with the use of tech innovation.

  • Identification – Increase the number of carers identified & in support.
  • Smart Assessments – Increase access and reduce administration.
  • Personalised Self Help & Triage – Scale carer support and reduce system demands.
  • 121 Carer Support – Improve carers access to carer support at the point they need it.
  • Learning – Learn and iterate support at place and system level.

“Bridgit is an exciting and important step for the council to encourage more people who care for others to access the free support they are entitled to. To have shaped Bridgit with local expert input has been
excellent and I encourage anyone who is or thinks they may be a carer, to simply explore Bridgit for themselves.”


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